Why Photoshop?

I would like to tell you a little about why we chose the format of the add-on to Photoshop, and not a separate program.

As a rule, a person who wants to understand color separation is already familiar with Photoshop. He knows how to use basic and advanced tools, he has experience and understanding of the program. The user already understands the Photoshop language, and he does not need to rebuild and learn a new interface, he can immediately start color separation.

Functions and tools. Photoshop has a large set of functions that it makes no sense to copy in another shell. This is a laborious and costly process that will make the software product more expensive. But for the user, nothing will change, except for the appearance of the program. And a situation is quite possible when you have to constantly switch between Photoshop and the program for color separation, export and import files.

Adobe has a whole package of programs, the capabilities of which you can also use. For example, a file for color separation contains halftone multicolor art and a clear-edged lettering. You can prepare a halftone file in Photoshop, and the caption, for example, in Illustrator to keep the edges smooth. The standalone color separation software lacks these capabilities.

Photoshop is the most suitable popular color separation program, which, together with Magic Buttons, has become even more convenient and efficient. You will get stunning print results, while color separation is not a tedious process.