What should be a color separation software?

Probably, it occurs to someone that it should be convenient, simple, and so on. Yes, this is important, but there are more important things. First and foremost, software must be efficient. The most determining factor is the print result.
Why do you buy equipment, pay salaries to qualified workers, rent premises? In order to get a good print result. If the quality of the print is insufficient, then nothing else matters.

If you buy good screen printing equipment, it usually costs you a lot of money and in order to justify the cost you need to use it 100 percent. You must use all the possibilities of good equipment – the accuracy of the settings, the stability of the ink application on each print equally. Only then your investment makes sense when you use all its possibilities.

Color separation software

Good screen printing software should get the most out of your equipment. This is not a beginner entertainment program. It is a true professional tool with broad capabilities and, above all, flexibility in use. And this tool is just as important as a good automatic printing press or a quality exposure device.

Magic Buttons is a professional color separation tool. You can fully manage the entire separation process without getting stuck in manual routine work. We simplified the basic operations, but left the principle of manual color separation – flexibility in working with each image.
Focusing on the print result, we have not forgotten about the usability of the program. You can verify this for yourself. Below is an example showing the complete preparation of a file with “manual” quality. Each operation is commented in the video. For more examples, see the Full process video section.

That’s why you can get great print results every time you use Magic Buttons screen printing software.

When you choose software, pay attention to what will be sold to you. Will it be “beautiful” interfaces, “ease” of use and “speed” of getting the result.
Or you will be offered a high-quality color separation result. The choice is yours.

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