For all files for which we do color separation, the following settings are used.

The color settings that we use

Color separation settings in Photoshop

The plugin works in the RGB color space. When color separation for silk-screen printing, the most important thing, in our opinion, is that the layout should have the same color display before your eyes and before the eyes of the customer. Often, people watch files in the browser, and not in Photoshop or other graphic editors, so do not forget to follow this. Depending on the situation, we use the sRGB and Adobe RGB profiles. More information about color profiles and color spaces you can read on the Internet.

Dot Gain

As for Dot Gain and Spot Dot Gain, below are comparative photos of what each of these parameters affects.

Dot Gain 10%
Dot Gain 30%

Spot Dot Gain

Spot Dot Gain 15%
Spot Dot Gain 30%

RGB channels

During the preview, make sure that you do not have the visibility of the RGB channels. Visibility with the RGB channels turned on and off is different.

Visible RGB channels
Invisible RGB channels

White channel settings before printing films.

Photoshop incorrectly displays inverted channels with 100% opacity. The displayed fill is higher than the real one. Thus, if you print using the original white channel values, the image will look dimmer than what you see in the preview. In order to fix this, after color separation, you need to prepare the white channel for printing films.

– you need to create a copy of the channel

– invert it

– and using the Levels button, achieve maximum similarity with the original white channel.

Now the white channel looks like it will look after printing.

White channel normalization

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