Basic colors

The plugin consists of different sets of tools. One of them is Basic colors. This is a standard set of color filters to highlight the mixed colors. When preparing images, you will use the functions of this set quite often.

Basic colors set

How does this work? The plugin divides the whole image into these seven colors + gray and black. When you press, for example, the Red button, you highlight the red color. The plugin will highlight red from all the colors that are in the image – from orange, brown, pink so that when you overlay this red in other colors you get the full original picture.

  • Note! All work with color separation is carried out in the Channels. When you press the buttons, new channels are created, or changes are made to their settings.

Let’s look at an example of how this set of filters works by the example of a color wheel. We see a color circle with 240 colors.

Color circle

An example of color selection when you click the Red button. If you press the Red button, the red color will be highlighted, even the one that is present as a composite color in orange, violet, brown and so on. Compare the area that is highlighted in the figure below with the original.

Color area of the Red button

An example of color selection when you click Yellow. Note that part of the selected range intersects with red in the previous image. If we turn to the original color wheel, it becomes clear that in the place where the two ranges of Red and Yellow are superimposed on each other, an Orange color is formed.

Color area of the Yellow button

An example of overlaying the Red and Yellow ranges. Similarly, there are other buttons to highlight the color in the set of basic colors.

Color area of the Yellow & Red buttons

Basic colors video

Watch the following video to better understand how this tool works. In the video, we will use a minimum of functions, leaving all the emphasis on the Basic colors. When viewing note:

  • how each color stands out
  • how different is its density in different places
  • how the color behaves when applied to other colors
  • how color transitions are obtained and shades are formed

We also recommend after watching the video to practice independently by downloading one of the files.

Basic color video 1

Download Hot Rod PSD

Download Star Wars PSD

Levels button

This is the most popular button of all sets. When you click the Levels button in front of you is a range control tool. With it, you can set the band width and saturation.

Levels button

You will almost always need to use two sliders – these are the Range width and Range saturation. In the context of color separation and working with channels, they will mean:

  • Range width – how wide the coverage of the selected channel will be.
  • Range saturation – how rich will the selected channel be
Levels tool

Levels button videos

In the video, using the example of the color wheel, you can observe changes in the selected range. Notice how the range expands and narrows, how the saturation changes.

Levels button video

Similar actions, but in a live example are presented in the video below.

Levels button video 2

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