This is a set of colorized gray selection buttons + 1 red button with a cropped range and + 1 highlight button. With this kit you can work effectively with gray in color images. The fact is that it is difficult to distinguish colors with a large presence of gray in the usual way. Similar difficulties are caused by the qualitative separation of several very close shades. The Basic colors tool highlights only the color component, ignoring gray, so the Additional colors tool is perfect for these tasks.

Additional colors block
Additional colors set. Default colorization.

By default, the buttons of this set are assigned the colors of human skin. As for the pure gray variants, as described in the previous chapter, you can make a simple gray channel from each colorized channel by simply dragging the slider to the left in the Color picker tool.

An example of getting gray color from a button colored by example Color 2nd

If you assign the corresponding gray to all the buttons of the Additional colors set, then you will find that in the control panel the colors of the buttons themselves are already colored in the corresponding gray.

Gray values in the Additional colors

Additional colors video

We have prepared a couple of examples to demonstrate the work with this toolkit. Notice how the combination of Additional colors and Basic colors, as well as the Gray buttons. Using all these tools you can get a truly professional color separation result.

Download Avatar original PSD

Download Avatar seps PSD

Download Hopkins original PSD

Download Hopkins seps PSD

Gray colorization

Also using this set you can perform works using the colorization of gray channels. Often this is the only way to make high-quality color separation for images without much color scatter.

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