We are glad to present you our new Color separation Guide. It pays special attention to the logic and techniques of color separation using the Magic Buttons plugin. Each user of the Magic Buttons plugin is strongly recommended to carefully read all the chapters in this section, watch all videos, and download and prepare all the test files for color separation.

The Guide consists of several components.
The first component is PDF Document describing the logic of actions and the principles of color separation.
The second component is the video on this page. They are additional material to the PDF Document. You can see everything that is described in the Document in the video, on the one hand, this will help to better understand the essence of operations with the plugin, on the other hand, it allowed us not to overload the Document with unnecessary details.
The third component is the color separation file and the original. You can repeat all the steps described in the Guide on these examples for a better understanding of the processes.

Download Magic Buttons Color separation Guide ENGLISH version

Download Magic Buttons Color separation Guide RUSSIAN version


Videos by topic.

Each video has a text description (which you see on the monitor screen during playback). The full text from the video can be found in the description of the video on YouTube.

Separation stages.

Stylized human skin separation.

Using separate colors for shadows.

Color separation consultation

Analysis of the customer’s color-separated file

Simple Separation