Now on a live example, let’s analyze the color separation with the help of the plug-in functions passed earlier. To do this, consider the images we encountered earlier.

What can we say about them?

  • both images need to be prepared for printing on a black background, which means we will need to use a substrate
  • one of the images on a transparent background, you will need to create an additional black layer
  • the colors used in the images are different from the original, then you will need to reassign them

When viewing, pay attention to working with the Levels tool, as well as the order of colors. For a start it is worth separating the images in order:

  1. Underbase
  2. Red (yellow)
  3. Yellow (red)
  4. Green
  5. Turquoise
  6. Light blue (blue)
  7. Blue (light blue)
  8. Purple
  9. Black

Generate channels in this order, and then organize the images as you need according to the features of the image. Also, for a better understanding, you should download the files under the video and do all the operations yourself.

Download 50th original PSD

Download 50th seps PSD

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