The plugin separates the image into colors using 7 colors. It should be understood that the highlighted color and the assigned color may differ. Technically, this plugin feature is structured as follows:

  • color grab
  • channel creation
  • color assignment

The figure below shows the colors assigned by the plugin by default when creating channels. Colors are written in HEX format (hexadecimal representation of RGB colors). Buttons and color samples are painted in the corresponding colors.

Default RGB colors
  • Red f70808
  • Yellow fff000
  • Green 05ba1a
  • LightBlue 04a9ff
  • Turquoise 00eaff
  • Blue 0f32e8
  • Purple e212cc
HEX in Color Picker

If we assign Pantone colors to each of the colors, the situation will change. The fact is that the Pantone color space is narrower than RGB and not every RGB color can we choose an analogue of Pantone.

Default Pantone Colors

Not all images are made from given colors. Often, in order to get a more accurate match between the original and color separation copies, you need to edit the colors. In other words, reassign color yourself.

Edit colors video

This video shows the steps for color reassignment. You need to select the desired channel, make a double-click on the picture of the channel, then click on the colored square in the menu that appears. You will see the Color Picker tool, where you can choose the color you need.

We recommend repeating the steps shown in the video. You can download files and try to work on them yourself.

Download Star Wars seps PSD

Download Rat seps PSD

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