The classic sequence of colors when printing on black in our understanding is:

  • underbase
  • the colors
  • gray
  • black

But this sequence is not always optimal for printing certain images. Usually, there is more than 1 way to separate the image. When viewed on a computer, they will look more or less similar, but the live difference will be more significant.

If, for example, you are preparing a dark image, instead of using a substrate, you can use dark opaque inks and light elements to print at the end. Thus, white will not always be the first color when printing. There are designs in which black is printed first, and the rest of the colors are already painted over with transparent paint. When color separation for corrosive paints a lot depends on the composition of paint and chemical peel, which appears during the etching of white. There is no one particular order that is equally well suited for printing all images.

We have prepared several videos with examples of different color order. As usual, we recommend downloading the files under the video and independently repeat all the operations that you saw.

Сolor sequence video

Black & white color separation

Black & white color separation

Color separation of the multi-color image with gray

Download Battletoads original PSD

Download Battletoads seps PSD

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